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  1. DTLow, turns out I did have two ID's. Because I only ever recall creating that one, I only have one password. When I try loggin in with the 2nd ID that password (obviously) doesn't match.. If I use the option 'forgot password' would that create further harm to my lost data?
  2. Hi all, I noticed that my evernote online account and my evernote mac app did not have the same notes in them. There were many less notes on the online account, and none of the notes in the app ever displayed in the online account - the two were obviously not connected at all. I logged out of the mac app today and then logged in again. When I logged back in again, the few notes that were displayed on my online account now appeared in my mac app, but all the rest were gone. Also, my account looked different - I had uploaded an image before on the mac app but when I logged in again it was g
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