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  1. I'm moving into a new Windows 10 Desktop and just hit this issue... Dragging and dropping PDFs directly from EN to gmail / folders / other apps has been one of my BEST productivity weapons. I use it almost DAILY. Having to (1) save PDFs to my desktop, then (2) drag to destination, then (3) delete the unnecessary copy from my desktop, is definitely a step backward. Please restore drag and drop directly from within notes. I thought it was a configuration / setup issue with my new build, so I searched to see if anyone else had seen something similar... That's how I ended up here. I have >15K notes in EN, but I haven't been a contributor on these forums until now. This is a big enough issue for me to sign up, raise my concerns, and cast my vote. Can I revert back to an older version of EN that would restore this feature for me? I wouldn't consider that under any other circumstances. The 'view as attachment' workaround isn't working for me, and the 3-step replacement for my former, elegant, 1-step process is a major setback. Will this feature be restored in future EN releases? If so, when? Thanks.
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