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  1. Plain and simple, I have some notebooks that I want to be at the top of the notebook panel, and some I want toward the bottom. it doesn't need to be alphabetized or things can get muddied. Presently I am just using the default alphabet system to move everything I want at the bottom by putting a "z." at the front of the title of the notebook. This is an unnecessary work around for a system that ought to offer the functionality to change the position of the notebooks in the panel to users if they choose to organize it a different way.
  2. Hi there, I feel adding 1 more tier to the notebooks list would be a great addition. For example right now I have the following notebook stack: Notebooks > Goals > Health > (my notes in health notebook) Because I divide my health goals into different groups i.e. "Mental", "Physical" and "Emotional health". I would really appreciate another notebook tier to provide that additional needed delineation. I feel it only makes sense that the large notebook tab seen here: Should be configurable and addable by users so we can add a 3rd and final tier to our organisational structure.
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