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  1. The problem I am trying to solve is to have duplicate notebooks within Evernote, so if I (or someone signed in my account like a helper) makes an unwanted edit, or in some other way messes a note up that I have quick and handy a copy of the original. If we can duplicate a note, why can't we duplicate a notebook is my thought. I have backups, that's not the point. We work on the fly and sometimes things happen like the whole contents of a note gets overwritten with wrong data. It's rare but it happens, just like it's rare for a whole notebook to get deleted, but it happens. We don't have time to go find a backup or mess around restoring. If I could just go to the duplicate notebook it's a super fast fix. Note history is helpful to know about, thank you, and on a note-by-note basis may solve the problem. I'd still like the feature of a duplicate notebook.
  2. As a way to backup up/protect it would be so much easier to duplicate an entire notebook instead of having to do it note by note manually. The other option would be an option to make notebooks read-only which has been suggested also.
  3. Absolutely give this a thumbs up! Really need it!
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