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  1. So I'm a songwriter and I use Evernote to write. I have a bunch of sections of notes to stay organized, and I just lost a VERY large amount of lyrics I've written. Basically picture I have Note 1 Title with Note 1 Contents and Note 2 Title with Note 2 Contents. Literally out of nowhere, AS I WAS WRITING, I switched to Google Chrome and when I went back to Evernote I had Note 1 Title with Note 1 Contents and Note 2 Title with Note 1 Contents. Basically it replaced Note 2's contents with Note 1's, so now I have two note sections with the same exact notes but the original titles, as if I deleted then copy+pasted. Anyone have this problem? I want to revert back to before it made this change but I feel like I need Evernote Premium to do that and I don't have it. Is there a way the devs could go into their server and revert my notes back?
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