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  1. I am exploring a new note application called Joplin. It is available on every platform I use (Mac, Android, web, even terminal mode), and it uses Markdown seamlessly. https://joplin.cozic.net/
  2. Just about everything I write these days is in markdown. The one exception is Evernote. I do not use markdown for my notes because it is a pain in Evernote. It is not a great project to support markdown editing and display. The lack of markdown support diminishes the tool. Please add markdown support.
  3. Evernote is the tools I use for keeping notes on my work. Since I am a programmer, my notes include code snippets. The inability to correctly format and highlight means that my note taking for work will have to move to another tool. That will make it more likely that I will move ALL of my note taking to another tool. EN will no longer be useful and I will no longer pay for it.The same is true markdown editing. Virtually everything I write is in markdown, that is my work and non-work documents. Evernote, again, is losing its utility.
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