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  1. This is a much needed feature. I use Evernote to take notes on technical articles, and often want to be able to see either specific content when I review the notes in a particular area, or see my own comments on material I have annotated...It would be sooo much faster to be able to use the paintbrush to accomplish this rhather than have to individually format each specific sub-section of a note.
  2. Would be nice if the sidebar with all the lists would, when Evernote is restarted, retain the open or closed configuration of all the sublists on it (i.e. notebook list, tab list etc. I really only want the shortcuts to be open when I start, the sidebar is waaay to cluttered when it opens with all my notebooks and stacks etc.
  3. Would be really nice if when right clicking on the evernote icon on the taskbar it would show a list of the most recent notes and notebooks, with the list being variable in length according to the users preference
  4. I am surprised that this functionality is not available. I need to pin a not to the screen while I am in a different window taking notes. So if I am reading a journal article for instance, I want my note to stay visible at a size I determine so I can take notes as I read. Currently the note disappears if I move to a different window temporarily. I get around this by using a freeware program called "Desk Pins" and pinning the note, at the size of about a quarter of the screen (large enough to write in the note to take notes, but not large enough to block my entire view of the window I am reading. Seems like a basic necessary feature of taking note? need to keep the note visible while seeing the material one is taking the notes about? Need two things to do this: 1. ability to resize a note window (can be done, but had to hint for a way to do this, should be facilitated by Evenote). and 2. ability to pin a note to "Always on top?).
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