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  1. i agree - many of my notes are LONG compilations, sometimes a log with different daily entries in one note. being able to to print selected text only would be a huge improvement. as it is we have to copy/paste into another note or app and it's not efficient
  2. Yes, same is happening for me on latest update, now running 7.02 on Mac. The current note in snippet view is flashing like a strobe light, it's a horrible distraction. There is another post about this same issue. **EDIT: just tested and it does not seem to be sync, blinking starts before syncing for me and continues after sync.
  3. Yes! Software just updated yesterday and now the snippet view, active note, blinks constantly while I'm typing. Don't know if it is related to the note syncing or just the typing but it's a HORRENDOUS visual distraction, like a little strobe light. I use Evernote all day long but this is making me cringe and not want to use it. Evernote Support, please help! 7.02, Mac
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