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  1. When I use an external keyboard, keyboard shortcut f10 and others work as expected, but when I work directly from laptop, I have to use the fn key also (fn + f10). Is there a way to get Evernote on laptop to use f10 without the fn key? Thank you.
  2. I noticed that if my last action in a note before closing it is Find/Replace, then the Find/Replace changes are not preserved in the sync. Has anyone else noticed this? I can replicate the error with these steps: Create note with title Test Note Type ABC on several lines in the note Find/Replace all ABC with QWERTY Sync with F9 Close the note Test Note Open note Test Note and see all ABC still there and none of the QWERTY If I modify the steps above by inserting step 3.5 of typing any text somewhere else in the note before following the remaining steps, then the Find/Replace changes are included in the sync. Not sure about the inner workings of EN, but maybe something like Find/Replace by itself doesn't set the internal trigger that the note has been modified. Thanks, Mark
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