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  1. Would you be so kind as to make a new Script, maybe naming it CSV91018? Again, beyond my abilities, and would rather practice a card trick and stick to what I'm good at. : )
  2. Thank you DTLow for spending all the time. Evernote generously offered to let me open a ticket on this item: hope it helps many folks. I can’t imagine I’m the only info hoarder wanting to at last have everything in one place.
  3. Yep. Can you help me, or send me somewhere to get these character substitutions fixed first (and some columns/notes suddenly appearing within quotation marks)? Thanks in advance for your time!
  4. OK - tried it with 100 items, didn't work. So tried it with 10 - kinda worked, however it put several of the titles and bodies in quotation marks, and several of the bodies of notes. Took out a couple of the personal ones, but you can see in the attached. Also attaching log. Thanks.
  5. Log history is none-too-useful, either. Gotta go, but eager to learn what I am still doing wrong. Thanks!
  6. Took out row 128, just for fun. No difference. Shouldn't something like this execute within a minute or two for 240 records, regardless of their complexity? Show log looks like the script, not a record of what it did: " set fileContents to ReadFileContents("Users/MaddenMigration/Downloads/MinusRow128.csv/MinusRow128.csv") set rowContents to ParseCSV(fileContents, linefeed) repeat with rowContent in rowContents set theRow to ParseCSV(rowContent, ",") set theNotebook to item 1 of theRow set theTitle to item 2 of theRow
  7. OK. Moved the exported (from Numbers) CSV to "downloads" when I saw that Desktop is as of late not the desktop - rather on the iCloud. Unfortunate choice of Apple's architects. Guess they got tired of people losing their files when they never put files away somewhere reasonable. Next, copied the filepath name. Ran it for 3 minutes, stopped, got same code. Maybe it's a notebook name issue? That column has punctuation including apostrophes (') slash marks (/) and periods (.).
  8. Stopped after 12 minutes. Got, "error "User canceled." number -128" Wondering if it's on desktop cloud, rather than true desktop.
  9. In my fatigue a half-year ago (!), I made several mistakes. File name wrong, format wrong. I was doing this migration for hours and hours, and was just plain fatigued. Running it now. A little concerned that it hasn't finished after two minutes for 240 or so records.
  10. To simplify it finding the, moved it to the desktop (as I couldn't find how to properly name/signify a long folder name). Ran script, got "Script error. End of file error." Please advise. I have both dragged and dropped screenshots, as well as tried choosing them, but it's not working. It's hard to articulate how annoying this all is. Thanks for trying.
  11. Gentlemen, thank you, but I was quite ill with the flu and was just doing tasks like bathing for a while. Attached is a model file. Of note: Uploaded a CSV file Forget formatting - the data is the key thing I wish to preserve (source list is again over 300 notes, some of them older than you) these samples have three columns, the notebook I'd want them in, the note title, and the note Made just a few: nothing in it I wouldn't want out in public Please advise what I must do to at long last get these into Evernote. Evernote Sample.csv
  12. Except of course make the file name my file name. Is the coloring in the script (green/blue) something that happens automatically? I just type the words, and they alter on their own?
  13. Agreed ... but what does it mean, to “start a script?” Thus the request for complete step-by-step. Thanks again.
  14. Bueno DT. Now then, I’m not a tech guy - I’m a guy who uses tech daily, for hours. Have never run/used/executed a script: only know what they are. So it’d have to be a complete, step-by-step. Could you pick an existing script tutorial that you judge idiot-proof (I’d rather not open a porter to a hell-realm and/or ***** up something on my PowerBook) and ... ... incorporate it with the script that will work, after you’ve tried it yourself to make sure it does work correctly? Will it “overwrite” or damage data already in my Evernote account? Thanks for the time, str
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