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  1. I've been solely using the desktop client because none of my notes or notebooks show up online (using Chrome). Nothing. Nada. It is completely and utterly blank. No notes that are shared with me via work chat end up there and no notes that I create in the desktop client end up there. Vise versa, no notes that I create online show up in the desktop client. My work chat is also completely blank (though far from it on desktop) and typing in my coworkers' names yields no results. I have talked to my colleagues and none of them say they have this issue.
  2. Hi. I'm a basic user, operating on the Windows desktop app. Whenever I try to share, I go through the usual window. You can see in the attached image where I select who to share with. The problem is that when I click on someone's profile, the note doesn't get sent to that profile. A whole new one is created, which you can see in the image of my work chat. The person I want to share with (and the profile that I clicked on) is shown at the top of the work chat. Instead, a blank profile with that person's name is created at the bottom of the chat and the note is shared there. The
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