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  1. Not the same. Much easier having multi selected tags on the tags list, acting as a search filter. Related to tags, not even going to make comments on not having the possibility to sort notes by tag anymore Hope that, with time, all these nice features that were removed might came back.
  2. Another GTD user here (in fact, following the TheSecretWeapon.org approach). Premium user for several years, always relied on this features for my workflows. Having it removed is a dead end for me. Will wait a couple of months (until my renewal date) for this to be fixed, after that, I'm out In the meanwhile I'm going back for the legacy version and wait for this nightmare to end.
  3. This feature is crucial for my usage of Evernote. My workflows depend on it, and having a premium subscription only makes sense if critical features, that are really important for you, don't get removed. Don't understand why it was removed 😔 Please, bring it back!
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