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  1. I am just starting to use Evernote. When I first got the program with my computer Win 8.1), I played around with creating a notebook and writing a couple of notes. Now that I am trying to set up the program more seriously, I find I cannot delete that folder. While traveling last week, I used my Win 10 laptop to create a new folder and put my notes in it. Unfortunately, I do not have a smart phone. I also do not have access to high speed internet (yes, it still happens in rural areas!). So here is where my problem starts. I tried copying my notebook to Evernote on my desktop. I found a way to move the database over and the notebook does show up on my desktop, although the notebook name is greyed out, and I have access to the notes in the folder. However, the original notebook is still there and Evernote is using that as the default folder. I cannot delete that folder (probably because it is set as the default). Evernote will not let me change the default folder, either. The new folder I copied over is greyed out on the panel and does not show up at all as a choice for default folder. I've hit the sync button hoping the notebook would then show up on my Evernote webpage but it doesn't do that. (By the way, does sync work between 2 computers or only computer and phone??) Since I can access my notes from the new notebook, this is not a big deal but I guess I just like things neat and not having stuff clutter up my work space that I don't need any more. Any suggestions on how to get rid of that old notebook and get Evernote to recognize my new notebook as the default? Thank you.
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