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  1. All i know is if Evernote wants to be trusted as a secure platform, it needs to play by industry best practices. At this point it's hard to say that Evernote takes security seriously... But alas, with Equifax being brushed under the carpet, it sets the precedence for the industry.
  2. Got this email about a New Login to Evernote: We noticed a new login to Evernote and wanted to make sure it was you. Where: United States When: 2018-02-22 16:06 UTC Really? The United States is a very big place so they need to give an IP address, town, or something more specific, and this email coming to me 4 days after the login is not helpful at all- I expect an email immediately after the login like so many other online services do. Nice that they send out a warning, but the info that is sent is useless...
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