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  1. I thought so too - when I opened my updated app, there weren't any more "Recent Notes" in the sidebar! I was super excited!! But then I viewed a few notes and the section came back. I HATE this, UGH. It makes it so much harder to find what I'm looking for when I'm trying to work. What is even the point of forcing it on us?
  2. Hey! In the new update, which unfortunately automatically updated for me, Recent Notes are now grouped in with Shortcuts in the sidebar and I can't turn them off. I don't ever want to see Recent Notes, I have a ton of notes so it's completely useless to me, and takes up valuable sidebar space. (Where I do all of my app navigation, which has already been destroyed by the new Notebook layout, also completely useless.) Is this a bug, or can we really no longer turn off Recent Notes in the sidebar?
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