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  1. I too do both; however, the handwritten element (in sketch insert) are not searchable. I used to hand write notes in a moleskine notebook and save photos of the pages in Evernote; these handwritten notes were searchable, but the process of photographing each page was painful. This was the main driver behind buying an iPad Pro and pencil, so I could write directly onto the screen. GoodNote appears to be best option for that at the moment, but it doesn’t have all of the other features of Evernote.
  2. Liquid Text is an excellent app, that is optimise for the Apple Pencil. As a tool for researching and making annotations on imported pdfs, it is hard to beat. Unfortunately, a limitation appears to be when using it as a tool to mark up pdfs. Normally the reason to do this is to share with colleagues to pass on comments on instruct change. It might just be me, but I can’t find a way of sharing the clever ark ups, unless the other person has the app too. Notwithstanding how good it is with Apple Pencil, it’s not a note taking platfor, so doesn’t address the main point of the thread.
  3. Ive just come across this post while asking the same question as emilio_n. I too cannot believe that incorporating the ability to write notes directly into the notes page, and having that handwritten text searchable (as in GoodNotes), isn’t a no-brainer for Evernote. To be so ahead in so many areas (why I chose Evernote as my platform for all things notes) and then not keep up with the available tech, doesn’t make much sense to me. I really don’t want to be taking notes in another application and exporting them to Evernote. This might be enough to cause me to change my platform.
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