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  1. Seems like ones that have a ton of code and tracking and such....I like clipping these for landing page inspiration though printing as pdf in safari renders it perfectly I could just do that, compress and upload to the note.
  2. I clipped it from the Chrome web extension. The screenshots are both from different notes in Evernote (I clipped it twice to test)
  3. yes...here this is normally where a big blue button would be: the second image says "web clip" in upper left of the box in the note but the first one says "html content" wonder if that's why and how that happend
  4. @DTLow @CalS Thank you. I'm on the new web version which I really like, however the desktop version displays little blue ?'s where html buttons would otherwise be. Is the web version's web clip preview different from desktop?
  5. Hi, Does the web clipper save the page "as is" in perpetuity? Or does it save a cached version that would update if the original URL is updated at all?
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