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  1. Here is what I THINK (not positive) happened: 1. I last officially synced Evernote (Basic, not premium) July, 2017. 2. Somehow a self-installed blocker on our computer stopped the syncing since that time. We were notified by a pop-up each time we used EN online but didn't know it wasn't syncing. 3. Last week my hard drive got full and was making Evernote difficult to open (then showing 0 notes in Evernote for a time). 4. I panicked and updated a new version of Evernote (when I should have just cleared space on my HD; it probably would have opened fine). 5. This seems
  2. Thanks DTLow and MacFixer: In sum, if I KNOW my past 8 months of info was not synced (due to apparent blocker) and apparently my old EverNote application crashed, is there ANY way I can retrieve that material? Is it at all possible to retrieve that information?
  3. Yes, I was notified by the blocker there was an issue but didn't realize it wasn't automatically updating. That fact of the matter is, there hasn't been a sync in 8 months. Is there any way I can get that non-synced material back? Where did the non-synced material go to? Can it go to Trash on m computer, for example? I think the Evernote in my trash is the old version of Evernote but I have already updated to the new version. In sum: how can I get that non-synced material back? Where did it go?
  4. I have about 2,000 notes in Evernote and have been used it for about five years. Evernote wouldn't open the other day for some reason, so had to quit the program and restarted my computer. When I rebooted Evernote, it said I had 'ZERO' notes/files in Evernote. Completely empty! I went online to check the issue and noticed the last time I had synced was June of 2017. Our family has a block on the computer from that time and it must have for some reason not automatically synced new notes. How can I retrieve the other years of added notes? Surely they could not have just disappeared. I
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