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  1. A related observation: I am not able to find phrases at all when searching on iOS devices using EN 10.x. Using quotation marks around the phrase does not work. Example: a search for "green book" on the legacy Mac client yields 3 results. The search on iOS yields 520 results, whether or not I use quotes or not around the two words.
  2. Precisely! How hard can that be? It would take someone in authority at Evernote a few minutes to do this, and would pay off in all sorts of ways. Transparency beats confusion.
  3. Why, why, why can't Evernote management issue a definitive message to all users that tells us what functions have been removed from the "upgrade" -- and which ones will be restored, or will not be restored? That would save everyone (including the overburdened help desk) a lot of time and grief, and would be a positive way to reach out to users. Even if we don't like the decisions that were made. Evernote management must have missed all of Customer Relations 101.
  4. Same question: Why was this amazingly useful function removed. Do you plan to restore it eventually?
  5. This is a MAJOR bug. Why can’t the Evernote team give us an update on the situation and when it will be fixed? That’s customer relations 101. All we have so far is one short note from last week acknowledging that the problem exists
  6. Could you explain how they link together? I use occasionally use Workflowy and sometimes cut and paste to or from Evernote, which I use all the time, but that is far from seamless. If you have an easier way, that would be wonderful to know about.
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