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  1. On iPad, I frequently switch between apps and Evernote. Periodically, iOS causes Evernote to refresh, almost like a new launch. When that happens, the insertion pointer disappears from the note I was editing and the note scrolls all the way up. I don't have this problem in OneNote.
  2. In the notes list (middle pane), I enter a search term, which filters the displayed notes. I click one of the notes and start editing it. I switch to an app, and then switch back to Evernote. But when I start typing, the insertion pointer either disappears, or moves to the top of note. For example, if I press the down arrow, I expect the blinking cursor to move down one line so I can edit the next line. Instead, the blinking cursor disappears, and the entire note scrolls down as if the note hasn't been clicked in. If I switch apps again and return to Evernote, now the blinking cursor is at the
  3. After I press Ctrl+F and enter a search term, I want to close the Find bar so it doesn't cover the bottom of the note. However, when I press Esc, or click the x to close the find bar, it either moves the insertion pointer to the top of the note, or disables editing in the note (moves focus to the notes list). What I want is that closing Find leaves the insertion pointer on the last location of the search term. In Ctrl+H, after entering Find and Replace terms, what keyboard combination can I press to "Replace All"? It seems like only a mouse click on the button will do it.
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