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  1. 6 hours ago, OMNIZEN said:

    Evernote spaces is missing :


    1- real time collaboration and tracking (history or timeline) 

    2- commenting (within) and note specific chat 

    3- todo, reminder and collection bringing everything together

    For small business and my team, Evernote business is lacking ALOT of features even with the new addition of Spaces. Evernote team needs to be more intune with customer base and add a lot more features to make it worth getting my whole team to use and invest in. Comparing to other collaboration apps, asana, Dropbox paper, Evernote spaces is behind the collaboration Space. 

    Commenting and note specific chat would be a very nice addition. A way to comment and send a notification to a certain individual, but not to the whole team. That way one does not get too many notifications to wade through, but any one with access to the note can read it when they need to follow the conversation later. But as work chat is now, the comment you send through work chat does not get added to the note it is referring to.

    As far as real time collaboration and tracking, not sure if this is what you mean, but I would find it very useful if it would say who said it and when it was said. I'm guessing Evernote knows that, but I'd like the option to have date and initials show right by the text that was added.

  2. Not sure if I am hi-jacking the thread to ask this here, but... do others add to notes at the top or bottom? I wish the latest additions were at the top, or else I wish the page would automatically jump to the bottom. Or maybe just a jump to bottom button. I haven't used long enough, maybe it stays at the bottom when the next person opens the note?

  3. @Leo Gong Designing cabinets actually. We partner with cabinet shops to plan their kitchens etc. with their customers. Then after customer has signed off the drawings we prepare shop drawings. So there are multiple drawings going back and forth by email. Our drawings, that come back marked up for revisions. Sometimes it is hard as a team to sort through which is the latest drawing. I hope to have the drawings for a given project all in one note, hopefully in order by date. As we put a new drawing at the top (or bottom) the cabinet maker has the opportunity to mark it up. Then the whole team can see the revisions right away. But along with that comes the request to have the author's initials automatically show. This is all good as it is now except for a few minor things. I would love to have a separate note or page or something clearly attached to the project for appliance specs and other relevant information that will be referenced from time to time as project progresses. That is what I was hoping for out of spaces, a separate note all in the same space so the project is clearly displayed to the whole team. But I was also hoping I do not need to create a completely new space for every project, or I am afraid the cabinet maker will tire of loading a space every time, I was hoping the space would load on his Evernote account automatically as I create it.

  4. Hi, I'm just beginning with Evernote. I like a lot of what I see. Spaces looks like exactly what I need, if I can share a Space with someone outside my company. What I hope to get out of Evernote is a place to share and collaborate with my clients, rather than by email, since emails need to be forwarded or shared with the rest of the team.

    So I am hoping to create a Space for each of my clients (my clients are also businesses that will have multiple clients, so I'm hoping to create a Space within a Space, mostly so I don't need to share a space over and over again with the same client). My clients may then choose to add one Space for each of their projects as they come up. This space I hope will then automatically sync with my Evernote as soon as they create it, and my team can collaborate from there.

    Tags doesn't quite organize it well enough. I want to create a "project" container and share it with whoever is involved, rather than have notes scattered all over Evernote and try to bring them together and hope I don't miss sharing a specific note with the team.

    Am I clear on my explanation? Please let me know if you expect this all to be possible, and/or if you have any other suggestions that are better.

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