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  1. @jefito There is a completely redone web client coming. It's already rolled out for Evernote Business, and should be following for personal users just like Spaces. It's much more fully-featured than the current web client, with UI that very closely matches the Mac client. There doesn't seem to be any announcement of it, but I asked specifically if I could acknowledge its existence.
  2. I'd recommend exporting as html then, and then zipping (compressing) the folder and attaching it to the email. That way they can view them in any browser without an Evernote account. Edit: CalS's solution below is way easier. If they have an Evernote account, you could share the notebook with them, or send them the .enex export that they can load into theirs.
  3. Aside from the web client (and to a lesser degree the mobile clients), Evernote clients are "thick". So they download, maintain, and sync a local copy of all the data; this data also lives in Evernote's Google Cloud servers. The easiest way to get it out of Evernote is to export the notebooks from the client; note that you can do this even without an internet connection, so it should still work if our servers explode. I'm not on top of where they're stored normally (the best way is just to google it, but it varies by client, because Mac/Windows have different ideas about where such things
  4. You could export the notebook and then attach the .enex file to it? Might help to understand what you're trying to do by emailing it.
  5. That would be cool. Meanwhile the best workaround I can think of is to export the notebook, write a script to find and replace the reminder dates (the export should be a single XML file), and then reimport.
  6. @JMichaelTX Not exactly a video, but there's a help page that goes over them here. There's also a webinar tomorrow (edit: and another webinar a bit later)
  7. That sounds reasonable to me. Doubt it will be there with Business launch, but it makes a lot of sense for when Spaces come to Personal. They aren't right now. Don't know if it's planned, but I personally would want it. That's how we want it to be. It's not there yet. Right now the sections are: What's New | Pinned Notes --------------------------------- List of contained Notebooks/notes The list shows (title, updated time, updated user, sharing status). All notebooks show before all notes. Notebooks can be expanded to show the list of notes inside of t
  8. I don't know of a way to have multiple active languages and switch on a per-note basis, but I believe Evernote uses the system language as defined here. It has a note there about spell check language for Mac, at least:
  9. Perhaps this is recent (I work on backend, not clients), but this is what I see in our current Mac client nightly: Currently they cannot. Not sure if this is planned, I'll try to find out. Edit: Not planned as far as I could find out. As for a more general overview of Spaces, they consist of: A set of notebooks, just like a stack (which currently can each belong to only one Space, but we want to allow multiple) A set of notes that belong to the space itself; in this sense it's kind of like a notebook of its own A "what's new" section that shows notes recent
  10. Spaces (currently in public beta for Evernote Business) have a pinned notes feature. We do want to bring spaces to personal accounts too, lots of us want to use them on our personal accounts as well As for pinning within notebooks, reminders work fine. We have some shared notebooks internally that definitely use reminders this way, like to pin a "Table of Contents" note in a large notebook.
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