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  1. No idea ... I've left Evernote for this reason. No support, no fixes for bugs ... no reason to pay for such software ...
  2. I've moved on already, months ago. Indeed, no customer service at all.
  3. I've given them one more upgrade to fix the issue. It is not fixed in version 7.9 ... so I've cancelled my Premium subscription and I've migrated all my notes to Notion. I have had enough patience !
  4. No, it has never been fixed ... Indeed, I'm afraid it is time to leave and look for an alternative. I give them just one more upgrade to fix the issue, if not fixed ...
  5. The program is no longer usable on macOS High Sierra (10.13.6) : the notes are almost unreadable, with any font. Evernote has become unusable ! Version 7.8 didn't fix the issue ! Me too : looking for alternatives
  6. Hi, For some reason, as premium member, Evernote Web Clipper version 6.13.2 is not working in Safari 11.0.3 on MacOS High Sierra 10.13.3. I've tried an un-install and re-install, without succes. I do have the Evernote icon in my Safari title bar, but nothing happens when I click on it : no error, nothing at all. Stange, because this has worked before, in previous versions of Safari and MacOS on the same iMac. Any suggestions in order to solve the issue ? Best regards, Dominiek
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