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  1. Me too. Upgraded to Big Sur 11.0.1 and Evernote 10.3.7 and lost the ability to edit files using preview. Ugh. This is incredibly painful. Please tell me this was a mistake that just needs to be fixed versus some intentional attempt to force us to use a different PDF editor. Interestingly enough, I can edit Excel and PPT files from Evernote without having to go through the Save As / New Note dance.
  2. No update at this point. 5 months and counting. Oh well. Unfortunately I have started to see a further deterioration of shared notebook functionality. Specifically my wife (also a premium subscriber) is no longer able to merge notes within our shared notebook. I can merge notes, but I originally created the shared notebook. When she tries to merge notes, the Mac version of Evernote doesn't even show the option. Also when she moves notes into the shared notebook, it copies the note in, instead of moving it. So she ends up with 2 copies, one in the the original notebook, and 1 in the shared notebook. One silly perk of this functionality is that she doesn't get the Move warning referenced in this thread! The challenge for us is that solution to our problem is rather obvious. And it doesn't involve upgrading to the business version for us to pay $15 * 2 people * 12 months. It actually involves us becoming a single user and saving 50% on our premium bill.
  3. Whoa! This sounds like good news. Acknowledged that they too think it's an issue, and maybe even a promised fix! Let's see what happens!
  4. Just an update, this "feature" has now shown up on my iPhone version of Evernote as well. I didn't have an expectation that it was an iOS only feature, just disappointed that it has spread to my phone as well now.
  5. In the latest Evernote version there is now a warning about moving notes into a shared folder. As someone that moves notes to a shared folder constantly, the additional click in my workflow is annoying. There should be a way to suppress this warning. Either a field when creating the shared notebook, or possibly just a checkbox on the warning itself "Do not show this warning again." I'm fine with a warning, but just make sure the warning can be suppressed. Thanks!
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