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  1. Heh thanks, didn't know about the divider thingy. I tried these on my iMac and they do work, but I too don't see them listed anywhere. Only reason I knew about these at all was I happened to see them in the release notes from a recent update. Otherwise they are quite buried. But I'm glad I saw them, now I use them a lot.
  2. @Dave-in-Decatur yes, thank you, that’s exactly what I’m looking for (finally someone who is paying attention ) I sent in a help ticket and EN support told me these are not yet in the Help system anywhere, so no wonder I couldn’t find them. For those interested, a code block (a section of mono-spaced font in a visually separate space) can be created with three backtics followed by a space .. works great on my iPad.
  3. Thanks, I found those easily but those are not what I am talking about. Please read my original post. There are sequences of normal keys that create formatting features. For example, typing * to start a new list item or [] to insert a TODO checkbox. The one I am looking for is the one to create a code block.
  4. I happened to see the release notes for the iPad, but later I found they also work on my iMac after it updated.
  5. In a recent update there was mention of some new keyboarding tricks. I remember a few such as * to start a list item and [] to insert a todo button. These are super, I use them all the time now. There were more but I can not find any of them in the help. Where can I get a complete list? The one I wish I could recall at the moment is how to start a code block. Thanks.
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