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  1. I don't know whether it's blamed for the update of the iOS version of Evernote, but indeed I got the same situation on macOS. When I edit a note using "Helvetica Neue" with 14 on the macOS client of Evernote, it would display in a strange way on the iOS client with a much smaller font. When I change it using "Aa Small" on iOS version, it's indeed Helvetica Neue 16 in the macOS client. I'm not sure it's an issue of macOS client update or iOS version update. And BTW it seems there's no official way to report a bug, which is a bit of ridiculous. macOS client version: 7.0.2, iOS client version: 8.3.356604
  2. Please add SVG support for macOS client. From the trending of Web technologies development, SVG is an elegant way to describe design patterns, mathematical formula, and other complex scalars in a human-readable format. It's easier to be edited compared to other bitmap-based images. Many thanks!
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