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  1. Please Evernote....I am begging. At least allow the option for Notebook card view for the Mac on OS. I, and evidently many other users, prefer a more expansive desktop experience on our DESKTOP. I would fiercely plead this for both iPad & Mac----but if not for iPad (which has rendered my iPad Pro useless for creating notes, which is an unspeakable shame, since I'd love to have the option to create mobile, on-the-go notes----is this not what the makes of Evernote endeavored to achieve!?) but then at least for the desktop version of the app. Please. Do not remove this option from me entirely. I am begging. This has DRASTICALLY reduced my productivity. This is not merely a change for developers to argue, "it's a change, they'll get over it." In this case, "getting over it" would equate to having to resign oneself to a permanently lesser, sub-par, inferior user experience that is less effective, less productive & less easily-maneuvered for some. Have you not considered that assuming a "one-size-fits-all" approach, will exclude many!? There are many that have different manners of learning, understanding, & processing information visually--and to remove this feature is to be dismissive of that reality. Please. Allow the user-experience of Evernote to be pleasant for all, and not something to be fumbled over, by those of us dismissed users, who unfortunately LOVE your app. Please. The least you could do is allow us the "option." I would be more than grateful to speak to someone at Evernote and offer a personal testimonial of my experience, as this issue is very important to me. I offer my most sincere thanks for reading, and allowing me the opportunity to voice my complaints.
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