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  1. Thanks for the answer guys. I love DayOne as well, for the look and feel it has... in fact I have been using it for years. Lately I had some issues with cloud syncing that made some notes disappear in front of my eyes... Frustrating and definitely trust-breaker. And before that, I used Journler... which is now unsupported and cannot open anymore (so I have hundreds of notes I can't access ). So my decision was based upon these two criteria : reliability of cloud syncing and durability of the tool (and if Evernote ever shuts down (please no), I'm sure there will be alternatives and
  2. Hey guys, I'm upping this topic as I am also looking for that kind of wizardry. Any improvements ? solutions ? Everything that I can find is like from a looong time ago, doesn't work or isn't made in order to perform that task. Thanks !
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