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  1. Just to add my own voice, I've had these same formatting issues for ages in the web client. Bullet lists that change, as detailed by others above. Also noticed that I try to remove a single bullet point using shift+tab, and it just won't do it sometimes, and it will effect the whole note from then on. Such a pain, because it appears to be so simple an issue - just basic formatting! I've switched to beta for now to give that a go, so will see if it makes a difference. I can't see in beta how to add a notebook to an existing stack, but that's a different issue.
  2. Simply put, I would find it very useful if Evernote could allow for a directory structure for organising notebooks and sub notebooks similar to how we can use folders and sub folders on Windows. So for instance, if I want to organise notes for writing a novel, I could call the main notebook 'Novel', and then have sub notebooks called 'characters', 'theme', etc. Within 'Character' I could then have sub-notebooks like 'David', 'Sarah', etc containing notes about those characters. Trying to use tags seems unnecessarily complicated when a simple (and visual) structure would be so simple and effective to use. Perhaps Evernote is simply not set up in such a way to allow this, in which case fine, but personally if if this was possible, it would really help improve an already great product.
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