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  1. I'm not paying for pro and have more data on my system than are on the servers
  2. i already tried re-installing and that doesn't help. i cant' do anything in the app or click anywhere because everytime it restarts it just starts giving me the same error again
  3. since installing 7.5 (457109) on an iMac running 10.13.6 Evernote will not search and if i try it becomes completely unusable until I force quite. It will pop up a window saying "PDF indexing failed. Evernote was unable to index the pdf 'xxxxx' because of an internal error' " if i click ok, it just pops that error back up again indefinitley until I force quit, but then the next time i run Evernote it does the same thing
  4. Upgraded Evernote. immediately on trying to run it crashes. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Upon running it immediately crashes.
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