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  1. Appreciate everyone's input. I've been using your input for the past couple weeks and it has been working beautifully. For those of you that have a Fujitsu scanner do you still find a ton of use out it even though you use scannable or Evernote Android app? I'm thinking of getting a scansnap but just trying to figure out if it would be money well spent. Most of the documents I would be scanning would be related to personal paperwork and not business related.
  2. For those of you that have a Scansnap, do you find your use has decreased since there are apps like scannable or other scanning pdf apps? I'm thinking of purchasing a Scansnap but would hate to not get a ton of use out of it. Thoughts?
  3. I like how you keep things simple. I was getting caught up in a complex process of phone -> google drive -> evernote. I wish there was the scannable app for android. Android is my primary phone that I carry and hate that android evernote app doesn't have an option to save as pdf instead a colored document is stored as a png file.
  4. Thank you everyone for your input. Switching gears I have a few questions regarding documents themselves, whether it be statements paystubs etc. I have downloaded Scannable and started using it on my recent mail I have received. When using scannable or even a scansnap do you prefer to scan all documents in B&W or color? Ive been reading tips first taking the scans and OCR'ing them before sending into evernote. So when you use scannable do you export the scans to say google drive to be ocr'd then send to evernote? As of right now for me scannable is automatically sending new s
  5. Thank you for your input! Do you save any type of artwork as a PDF or just as an image?
  6. Hi everyone, I am really new to Evernote and have been trying to search the forums for this answer. I want to save my kids artwork to Evernote most of which are drawings/ paintings. What is the best practice when it comes to artwork and drawings? I know for more 3D type stuff I plan to just take it as a photo but should the drawings/ paintings be taken as a picture also or as a colored document when using the Android or apple app? Thank you for anyone's input.
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