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  1. Yes evernote is callous towards the user base. There is definitely an elitist attitude in the company and they don’t take user feedback seriously. Recently some hacker was able to log into my Evernote account because I did not have two factor authentication enabled. Can you believe that? Can you imagine my bank allowing someone with an unrecognized device to log into my bank account from a foreign country? When I presented that analogy to Evernote they basically just turned their nose up at me. I guess they don’t consider our notes to be as valuable as currency. Pathetic. Just one small exampl
  2. Why why why would you change a perfectly good user interface and totally complicate it? This new version does not make it easier to create a note or to change the notebook for the note. It makes it harder. It requires more touches. There’s also a massive White space in the main note View. Who made these decisions? Why don’t you consult your user community before you did this? Evernote used to be the easiest app on my phone to use and now it is one of the most complicated. I hate the new version. In addition to this, as I have stated before, it’s absolutely unacceptable that you allow foreign d
  3. This morning I received an email from Evernote alerting me that someone in India had logged into my Evernote account. I had to do a double take because at first I assumed Evernote had BLOCKED the attempted login with the new device; but no, to my utter horror Evernote had ALLOWED the login, and it had been 20 minutes since the login and the time I saw the email. That 20 minutes of course gave the hacker plenty of time to access my sensitive notes and download them. I am shocked and angry Evernote allowed this hacker to login to my account without any challenge. Doesn’t Evernote care more about
  4. PLEASE add a distraction free mode for writers with no menus or other content on the screen. Just give us an editable version of the “presentation” mode. This should be incredibly simple to implement and make your app very useful for writers. It’s been too long of a wait for this important feature.
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