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  1. The issue is my slow migration away from Windows/Mac to Linux while still being able to use a scan-to-network scanner. I can drop the files from the scanner, but without Import Folders in Windows, I would need to e-mail and/or import individually through the web. It would be good if Evernote had a utility like other sites - Google Drive, Shutterfly, and many others - where you can drag and drop multiple files to the web client and they are imported.
  2. I am leaning towards using the web client almost exclusively, but use the full blown Windows version for importing. Is there a way to make a slim Windows/Mac importer and/or allow semi-automated import using the web client? Even if we had to click something/choose a folder/import en-mass, that would be great. This would save massive disk space for the installed programs and let Evernote be more of a true cloud/web application.
  3. I am fully able to recreate this and it is becoming annoying. I have had to re-scan/import many documents due to this error. What are the steps for following up, reporting and resolving? I tried hard exiting/closing and re-opening, with no luck. This persists across system reboots as well. Using Windows version (306387) Public (CE Build ce-1.36.3494). Update: Found a newer version available, downloading to install now. Additional Update: This problem still exists and I can recreate in Windows version (306770) Public (CE Build ce-1.39.4387)
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