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  1. Please bring this feature back to Evernote!
  2. This would be a great feature, like in notion.
  3. Hi, Please consider implementing collapsible blocks like Notion. This is a major feature that I've been waiting for years which would be very useful for my needs. Thanks
  4. It was working perfectly until the new update yesterday. The online HTML editor you linked to is a godsend though, it's an easy workaround for now!
  5. Thanks for that. Unfortunately reinstalling didn't help. I will register for a support ticket. Will update how it goes!
  6. In the 10.8.4 release there is a problem (wasn't there in the update immediately previously), where when copying text with bullet points, the formatting goes scrambled. There are multiple spaces between the bullet point and the text and it doesn't act as it should. There used to be this problem in the legacy version too but I was glad they fixed it, but it seems like it's back again. To get it to the format I want again involves lots of backspacing, recreating bullets, etc. which is very frustrating to use.
  7. I like this idea as well. A daily word count and weekly word count would be great and would make evernote much more desirable for users.
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