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  1. Apple Notes...if you use a Mac, solves this problem. The desktop application doesn't generate URLs from my curl commands using APIs with hyperlinks and email addresses in them. You can also just use a simple dropdown to change to a monospaced font to mix up CLI commands and text. You can paste images too. I tried a few different ones and none did the following, except Apple Notes: monospaced font quick to set don't automatically generate hyperlinks paste images inline doesn't retain formatting pasted from other sources, eg webpages, word document, no silly speci
  2. No kidding...that isn't a lot of votes. Maybe there is another note taking software that engineers are using for things that look like URLs.
  3. I would love it if we could disable this "feature". I tried some other note taking software and they all do it...someone earlier posted cases where the URL in the text isn't a real URL. I'm an engineer too and taking notes for REST API calls - all these go to localhost, eg I paste in examples of a curl command to run a REST API call and evernote picks them up as clickable links and it DRIVES ME ABSOLUTELY NUTS - I have to go through each one and right click - remove hyperlink, or I keep clicking on them by accident opening a browser. It does the same thing with email addresses making the
  4. When I paste in text to evernote which contains hyperlinks and email addresses, or even FQDN's, Evernote will automatically create links, and it's really irritating because I can't turn it off. I'm using a Mac with macOS High Sierra 10.13.2 and Evernote 6.13.3. I have all AutoCorrect turned off in Mac System Preferences. Even copying into TextEdit, and then repasting out into evernote has the same behavior. I'm trying to store scripts here which contain email addresses and hostnames and keep having to do right click > Link > Remove. For example, just try pasting t
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