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  1. Evernote has got a good process now. I am member of evernote since 10 years, unfortunately the password protecting of notebooks is not realized yet. This would be a good time to add this. OneNote has this feature since years. @Evernote: please, let us know your feature roadmap.
  2. Dear all, since some days, the formats the notes are changing. I do not know why, but it happens. I can see it in the MacOS app also in the iOS app. Can someone help me to find out the mistakes. Example: some text is shown in bold, I can not switch it back .
  3. Hi all, my first idea in this forum. Currently, it is not possible to define the sorting direction (ascending / descending). This would be a big help, I think for anyone and I would like to ask to realize this feature in one of the next version. Thxs,
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