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  1. There is no customization for the iOS widget buttons, unfortunately. That is something I would like to see (in addition to being able to customize the buttons that appear when long-pressing the '+' button, and in addition to being able to access those same customized buttons with a 3D touch from the home screen as macneilpi suggested). I used to have both an Android and an iOS device and I always wondered why several features were very different between the two (sometimes better on Android and sometimes better on iOS).
  2. Some of you got the desired buttons back after deleting/reinstalling the app. I had the perfect setup already and then lost the "long press for audio" option after that. I also now find that the '+' button always acts as if I had long pressed it. Previously, a regular press would create a text note, and a long press would bring up 3 useful options (including "new audio note"). Looks like I need to play installation roulette until I get a nice setup. If Evernote is looking into different options for the '+' button, where do we give feedback about it? How about something like this: Regular press '+' button = create new text note Long press '+' button = 4 different options that are customizable in settings (text note, audio note, camera, photo, handwriting, reminder, etc.) The widget buttons are also customizable, either taking the settings above, or having their own settings
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