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  1. This problem is driving me mad. My primary language is English, but my notes also contain a lot of German text, and plenty of stray words and terms in that language and many others. Some notes I can barely read, there's so much red underlining. Oh, and my system setting is UK English, so it's underlining "color" and "defense" and anything ending in "-ization" etc in articles clipped from US sources. Brand names are also getting the same treatment. It's really stupid and incredibly annoying. And I wouldn't want/don't need a spell check even if I was working only in one versi
  2. I would also like to know the answer to this question.
  3. A wish list, I guess. I clip a lot of stories, articles, reviews – for research, or the basis for further work. This involves subsequent organization into overlapping and constantly developing areas of interest. I find myself wanting to be able to do two things: 1. Highlight and annotate text in notes. I know you can do this with pdfs, but I wish I could highlight text selections or add comments to things in notes – much in the way I might use a highlighter in a physical book or notebook, or scribble some comment in the margin. 2. Add the same new tag to multiple notes. My a
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