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  1. Hello everyone, I saw the possibility of links between the notes. But I would like to know if it is possible to create a link addressed to a precise text of the note. For particularly long notes it would be handy to create an index at the top of the note, then add links to the various chapters.
  2. Sorry guys, can someone tell me a link to keyword to develop this discussion? I tried in contacts but I can not find a link. For me this is a frustrating problem. Thank you
  3. I have version on Windows 10 notebook. The problem continues to be there especially in the notes with more text, it does not always. It seems to work better when the notes open in a separate window from the interface. However it is a very frustrating problem for people like me to optimize the working speed use ALT + TAB for habit.
  4. Hello, I have a troublesome problem for a few days with the text cursor in Evernote for Windows 10 desktop. I often use the ALT + TAB keys to switch from one task to another, but for a few days when I do it and return to evernote the text cursor disappears and I always have to reselect the text insertion position with the mouse. Perhaps it may seem trivial but it is a very annoying thing. The strange thing is that it does not do it all the time. Has anyone encountered the same problem? Thank you
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