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  1. Really?? YOU HAVE NOT FIXED ISSUE OF LOOSING FOCUS OF CURSOR!!! Issue described here: Other users confirm existence of this issue. But you dont fix it!!! I have click twice, with pause, in place of a note I need, because otherwise URL or copied text may be pasted at the end of the note, or nowhere pasted. More than year this problem have been existing. When will you fix it? It's impossible to use Evernote app!! If you need screencast video with describing of issue just mail me and I will send it to you.
  2. Hello. I updated my Evernote app on Windows10, version (306387) Public. And there is a specific behavior in this version. If I open some note, set cursor at the end, press Enter to go to new line or just set cursor on empty line, then copy some text or URL from web page, return to note and press Ctrl+V...text is not inserted. Even if I return to note and set cursor on that position again it is not inserted. So I have click twise and insert text or type text. Before updating I could set cursor in any position in note, switch to other app and return, and cursor would be there- I just typed or copied text in that position. Now cursor focus is lost each time I switched to browser or text editor.
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