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  1. Hmm, being PREMIUM member without a PREMIUM service is not nice.😡 Evernote, please put your act together and join the beta program at apple. And be ready before release. Check: https://developer.apple.com/documentation/safari_release_notes/safari_13_release_notes
  2. A great thing with Evernote is multi-device capability. I do however see a great issue in the inconsistency in the editor and formatting. The result is that my content get unnecessary raw to look at and use. I know content is king, but formatting is a vital part of consuming content. I find myself using far too much time in getting text back in shape. I have Evernote to improve my productivity - not the opposite. Here is a couple of issues: - No cross-device support of formatting (Hint: take a look on HTML with H1, H2, body etc) - Note title get overwritten sometimes when editing text (to the first line in the note). - Text format is sometime lost when copy ‘n paste - Inconsistent implementation of the editor across platforms - Poor table support All my text is usual quite simple: headlines (level 1, 2, 3) and body. A list. A table. A picture. An attachment. It will be great if Evernote could make a editor that automatically formatted my text in a nice way based on a template.
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