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  1. I tested the described scenario but cannot reproduce the problem. It will help if you provide additional information on your interaction with Windows and iOS application between the time of the note creation on iOS (1), then editing in Windows client (2) and the time you see the reversed changes in Windows client (3) step. Did you use the iOS client again between steps (2) and (3)? If yes, did you interact with the notes in question? What is the client version on iOS? ANy of this information could be helpful for our testing. Thanks in advance!
  2. Drag and drop is not disabled but it is a bit harder to invoke. After selecting the encrypted text , you would have to put the cursor in front of it or at the end to drag it to a new position. Try it. It may take a few attempts. Thanks for the feedback regarding the option to disable drag and drop in the editor! I will pass the information to the right people.
  3. Could you please provide steps to reproduce. It would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  4. Are you able to reliably reproduce this issue? Unfortunately we are not able to. Please provide the steps you followed. Thanks a lot!
  5. That was a really good feedback and we were able to implement in time for GA release. It went live yesterday.
  6. Yes, Vietnamese and other characters display in note title is fixed.
  7. It works for me. I tested with Excel and Word files. I can drag and drop the email attachments to note body.
  8. I'm not able to reproduce the issue. Would it be possible to provide a video or steps? Is the problem related to specific notebooks or notes type such as shared?
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