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  1. FYI - in case anyone has a similar issues, here is some additional info I received from Evernote Support: "For the total size of a note, typed text and attachments count, but also the code that builds the note. In the case of clipped content, the HTML code (the skeleton on the website captured) is also included in the note to recreate it in Evernote. In the case of Ebay clippings, all the formatting that characterize the site, comes to Evernote in the form of ENML, a similar version of HTML compatible with Evernote. So while there is an overall note limit of 200MB for attachment and general content of a note, there is actually a 5 MB for the ENML. I know that 5MB compared to 200MB looks like very little, but 5MB of pure text (code or typed) is a huge amount of information. If you would type the text manually, it would take you many many years to reach the limit. While single clipped notes can fit the requirement without problem, many notes of the same or similar content merged together will reach this limit quick. This is because of all the 'behind the scenes' code that you don't get to see. To avoid this issue in the future, if you would like to keep the formatting of the note intact, try merging together clipped website notes in fewer numbers." This was most likely causing my issue although we can't confirm as I would need to send them a copy of my note which contains personal info.
  2. Thanks for your suggestions and perspective. I wasn't thinking this was a very large note but, then again, I don't typically merge notes so had no point of reference. I'm going to try restoring and re-merging just to see if there is any difference. Table of Contents wouldn't work in this particular instance because I was trying to reduce clutter. I'd like to keep these clippings for archival purposes but don't need them to be in separate and numerous individual notes. I think that if the merge doesn't work again I'll either leave as is or merge and turn into a pdf that I keep and delete the too large merged note. Thanks!
  3. Thanks, DTLow! I do know that I can restore from Trash. I can also turn this note into a PDF and attach but I would like to keep it as is. I'm hoping that someone may have run across a similar situation and has some insight on any quirks of merging that I should be aware for the future. I'll see if I can decipher anything in the Activity Log. Thanks again.
  4. Running Evernote on Macbook Pro. I am a premium user with 99% of monthly upload still available. I merged a handful of notes (approximate 10) which consisted of clippings of an eBay dashboard of active listings. I clip this daily and the size of an individual note is approx 700-800k. While not overly large, they do include thumbnail images (approx 30). The size of the merged note is 6.5MB, 25,326 words, 161,185 characters. My understanding is that as a premium user the note size limit is 25MB. I can't figure out why I am getting this error and what, if anything, I can do to fix. I've searched this forum and others places to try and find info on this syncing error but haven't been successful. Also submitted a support ticket last week but as of yet no response. This seemed like a pretty straightforward merge at the time that didn't include a lot of date or anything too complicated. I'm obviously missing something but would like to know for the future so I don't rely on a feature that doesn't work reliably. I'd greatly appreciate any insight anyone may have. Thanks in advance!
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