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  1. Title explains what I am looking to do. Looking for a way to do a full web page clipping while I am in a web browser that archives the page I am currently browsing. Can be a script or maybe a chrome extension.
  2. Everybody, I am looking for old automated process to automatically clip via the Evernote extension every single webpage I browse. Would like to do this in the background if possible. I have attached a link to a piece of software that does something similar but not with Evernote. http://www.proxy-offline-browser.com https://github.com/ludios/grab-site I know it sounds crazy but I frequently need to access previously archived webpages of sites that I have visited and it is cumbersome for me to clip each page manually.
  3. Yes Evernote! Get your team together to make this feature a reality. We need the ability to create new tags on the fly. Please also allow us to type existing tags instead of using the cumbersome slider. The tagging feature is such a crucial part of many persons workflow and being unable to create new tags creates an impediment to that.
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