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  1. I want to link a simple to do item to a section within a separate meeting note (not the whole note itself). So I'm looking for a way to highlight the first few words on a paragraph, copy it as a link to text, then paste it into my ToDo note (like I can do in OneNote). This way I can see the to-do item on my To Do note and click on it to take me to my meeting note to help me remember the background and context in which the task was created. 1. So is this possible? 2. Is it possible using the web version or Android app? 3 How?
  2. I would love it if we could tag a specific line or paragraph within note... and/or add a Task (ToDo) box to a specific line. Then search all notebooks by the tag or the Task box to see a list of all Tasks. This is something OneNote does very well. I prefer Evernote but I have to use OneNote for this reason.
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