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  1. Yes I see that as well... I hope they make a big A button for Annotate, so I dont have to right click and scroll down to annotate. If someone saves a PDF to evernote, im pretty darn sure they want to annotate it. Make a big button please evernote. Ease of use. Thanks.
  2. Opening the same PDF on Dropbox on Chrome -> we clipper works and I can take screenshots Opening the same PDF (saved to local) on Chrome -> cannot open web clipper Really? ... Are there any fixes for this? I bought the premium so I could do things like this without having to install third party programs. Slightly frustrating.
  3. I do not have any of these options when I right click on a PDF file. I am running windows 10 and Evernote premium on a new laptop. I also bought premium for the PDF annotations and this is getting to be frustrating. What PDF viewers/editors are optimized to work best with Evernote Premium? Any recommendations?
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