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  1. Glad this thread came up in a Google search for 'Evernote clips failed'. Understandably this happens to be a user based discussion forum as a previous poster pointed out, but it's still desirable that Evernote support keeps track of issues that don't necessarily get reported through a ticket. While it may not be possible for each thread to get such attention, Evernote staff/mods active participation and better monitoring of threads with highly reported issues can lessen the turnaround time for their Devs to take notice and fix things. Users posting on here have legitimate concerns, even if they aren't going about reporting through stipulated contact channels such as raising a support ticket. With its reputation of being a leading cross-platform note-taking service, a critical issues, as the one this thread is about, can be rather disconcerting for new and dedicated users alike. Overlooking the technicality of where an issue gets reported or discussed is definitely preferable from a damage control POV, we aren't here typing up long passages for any other reason than the serious flaw that shouldn't have been there in the first place.
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