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  1. Reddit is unique and more often than not AMAs and simple posts show significant insights over several topics. If the Evernote clipper had a special parser for a Reddit page, we could preserve the actual indentation. The actual "Article" option on the web clipper is what better keeps the formatting, but in long reddit posts, the clipper may hang to process the page and the "Screenshot" option fails to give a "whole page" choice. If we could chose the "simplified article" and the text is kept with some logical indentation, it would work better than it does today.
  2. Color groups, c'mon!!! An easy and awesome feature! I'd be able to sort things from multiple tags using this, and have different levels of notes priorities. A must have!
  3. Well, I'm just gonna leave this here for reference: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1225125
  4. The annotation feature is quite basic and somehow weak (at least for me). My working with research papers demands quick tools to enhance my productivity. In fact, the tools available remind me of the Skitch mac app. 1) One thing that undermines the annotation is that I cant click it to go directly to the document page. 2) I cant define a page number to go straight up, I have to scroll. 3) The display annotated pages button is hidden on the bottom right and still, won't show page numbers, with several notes, you still have to scroll. 4) You can't search inside the PDF. While the main search can indeed search *everything*, even inside PDFs, it would be nice to quick find just inside the PDF to make highlights easy. 5) Some sort of citation add-on would be appreciated. Like you highlight a paragraph and right click cite APA or something like. Other than a few improvements, the app works great and I'm a happy customer. I also miss some sort of color/icon tags. The tag feature is brilliant, works amazingly well, but to further categorize things inside tag categories, I miss two options: Pin and Color tag. Pin to category can be great, would work just as the main shortcut feature but inside Tags. Color tags would help to display things that fit into sub categorizations of the core tag, color or icon tags would fit just right here.
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