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  1. Hi All I have been a devoted Evernote user for years and use it as my online storage base. I am a coach and have lots of conversations where I take notes on paper with the client, including diagrams and other stuff done in the moment that can't be replicated by typing an email. Evernote worked as I used to take a photo of the document with a voice note and store it in Evernote under the client's folder. This was good for my personal use but my clients also want a copy so bought the ipad pro and synced up Penultimate to sync across. There have been some teething problems but overall it has worked well. Now I am driven mad by the following: At the end of each session, I have taken maybe a 4-6 page penultimate document that I wish to share with the client directly. ie send him/her a pdf with discussions and the actions straight to their email. This sounds basic but I cant do it. It sends a link to my Evernote folder (which I don't want to share). i have tried to download as a pdf but can't find it in iBooks or in the file search area. Surely I am not the only one with this issue. I really want to do this at the end of each session so I dont have to worry about going back to the office to do fiddly document downloads and sharing. I always forget anyway. My questions? 1) Can you send a pdf directly from penultimate. Sometimes I am online and don't want to go back to Evernote to send it. 2) Where does it store the pdf when I choose to save as pdf? Thanks G
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