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  1. Yes, thank you, I do know that Export ALL is a Legacy option but I have been able to move all other usage to version 10 and am mainly happy with the results. The similarity of Evernote on both the PCs and the Mac has helped greatly. I am hoping for the same improvement when I can install the Android version on my Samsung tablet and smartphone.
  2. I export one Notebook at a time to an enex file. I keep thinking that I saw an option to export all Notebooks but as I cannot find it, I guess it was just my imagination.
  3. Thank you for this! I am having the devil's own time remapping my brain to learn unfamiliar key combinations.
  4. I am fully aware that, for now, I have the option to use the older program however as I have spent considerable time cleaning up Notes which, in v6, used a wide variety of Windows fonts and lost much of the formatting and layout I used for clarity and for Presentations. Going back to v6 does not take me back to that formatting. I feel the best investment of my time is to move forward accommodating the changes between v6 and v10. I agree the new Note editor is a big improvement. It is however very frustrating to paste information into a Note and then need to spend time cleaning up scrambled paragraphs and images and finding new ways to highlight information needed for a presentation and accompanying printouts and PDF files. So, in fairness, I have not LOST information but I HAVE lost a lot of time repeating editing, etc.
  5. The difference between "save to a PDF" and "Print to PDF" is ONLY the active settings in place when the PDF file is created. In other words, Save and Print are exactly the same process (the terms mean exactly the same thing); only the SETTINGS controlling access and permissions of the created PDF are different. Fix the settings (permissions) for the print program and the resulting PDF will allow copying, printing, annotating, etc.
  6. On Windows PCs I often find that completely closing and restarting an application fixes many performance problems. If that doesn't work, Shut down/Restart (reboot the computer) usually eliminates the problems caused by overwritten memory or by scrambled cache.
  7. I don't know which PDF printer you are using but the inability to copy and paste from the resulting PDF is a matter of the configuration of settings for printing the PDF. The program I have used and recommended for more than 15 years Is PrimoPDF (https://www.primopdf.com/). I think it is only a Windows program but am not certain. Three things I really like about PrimoPDF is that while it is free, there is no advertising, it is VERY easy to change settings, and it will overwrite or append an existing PDF of the same name.
  8. As so many others have said, the of v.10 has totally destroyed my workflow. The scramble to continue using EN v10 is making my days very long.. I've relied on EN so long that I don't have a clue where to start looking at potential replacements. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated though I cringe at the idea of moving my work group elsewhere -- I fear we will loose so much information.
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